‘Two Mothers at a Roadside Café’ opens

Opposite Naama Potok and Dana D’Ascoli

I’m excited to share this beautiful short play.

It’s a tiny freeze frame of a dark but ultimately compassionate moment in the lives of two mothers.

I hope you’ll come!

Tickets at OvationTix
January 27th-February 7th
Wednesdays through Saturdays: 8pm
Sundays: 7:30pm

Two Mothers at a Roadside Café
by Allan Bates
directed by Jim Shankman
Naama Potok*
Celia Schaefer*
Dana D’Ascoli


Opening Night of ‘Disgraced’ at Fusion Theatre Company

Disgraced, Dinner Scene
Disgraced, by Ayad Akhtar at Fusion Theatre Company, New Mexico

Directed by Jacqueline Reid

John San Nicolas
Celia Schaefer
Gregory Wagrowski
Angela Littleton
Samuel Shoemaker-Trejo

Performances September 10th – 26th

So, this is happening!

It is a pure delight to be working with the outstanding artists at Fusion Theatre Company again.
Come see it if you can!


‘Exit the King’ at the Living Room Theatre in Vermont

“Exit the King” by Eugène Ionesco, directed by Randolyn Zinn, opposite (l to r) Michael Broadhurst, Colleen O’Connor, Christopher McCann, Ken Forman, Allen McCullough.

Seriously? Sometimes, to deliver “serious” theatre, ya gotta be willing to go there: to the sublime, to the absurd, to the funny.

This ensemble has been an absolute joy to play with.

Because in a play that is, ultimately, about (shhhh!) death, and how we encounter it, you want to be with people who live, live, LIVE! And that is the Living Room Theatre.


Last Week of ‘Voices of Swords’

And what a wonderful experience it’s been.

I love my cast mates. And our audiences have been so appreciative of the work.

I’m so grateful to Right Down Broadway Productions, Kari Floren and Eve Brandstein for bringing me along on this journey.

Come see!

With Loni Ackerman and Philip Christian
With Michael McKenzie
With Gillien Gol and Bob Ari


‘Voices of Swords’ – tech week, here we go!

And we’re off!

Tech week is such a wonderful time in the theatre… the actors are starting to chomp at the bit to get in front of an audience, the technical elements are coming together, and the first bits of press about the show are popping up here and there.

Voices of Swords is a new play by Kari Floren, and we’re starting previews right here in New York City, at Walkerspace in Tribeca, on Friday.

It’s a lovely, funny play about adjusting to the new requirements of life as our parents grow older and their needs change.  I’m playing Alexis, a personal organizer who is dealing with a unique set of adjustments in my own family, as I help another family sort out their lives.

Kidding around in the dressing rooms with Loni Ackerman
Kidding around in the dressing rooms with Loni Ackerman

I’m working with a cast of wonderful actors, including the delightful Loni Ackerman.   Come see us!

We run through September 7. You can buy tickets here.

Copy of email flyer


One week left in ‘The Other Place’


From Left to Right, Jacqueline Reid, Scott Harrison and Celia Schaefer in Sharr White’s ‘The Other Placce’ at Fusion Theatre Company. (Photo by Wes Naman)

It’s been a treat to work with the wonderful people of Fusion Theatre Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These guys are smart, savvy, talented, hard-working and as warm and welcoming as can be.

And here’s the Albuquerque Journal’s review (you might have to answer a marketing question to get to the article, it’s pretty painless): Taking you to ‘The Other Place’: The acting in this production is ‘excellent’.

We’re travelling to Santa Fe for our last week – I’m looking forward to sharing this beautiful play with a new city!


On Location with ‘Thirsty’

Celia Schaefer in "Thirsty"
On location, shooting “Thirsty”
a film by Margo Pelletier, written by Margo Pelletier and Laura Kelber.

I had a blast working with the wonderful “Thirsty” team up in Catskill, New York.

It was too much fun to take a short trip back to the 1980’s.

Who can resist big hair and blue eyeshadow? Thank you, Margo and Lisa!


Short Film ‘Red Dot’ heading into the Editing Room

Sometimes, you just get lucky.

Production Still from "Red Dot"
Celia Schaefer, as Pamela in “Red Dot”, brings a beverage out for a party guest.

I think the “Red Dot” creative team found me online.

They sent me the script, I loved it.

I read for the part.

They brought me in again to read with the lovely Elizabeth Masucci who had already been cast as the lead, my character’s daughter. She was hilarious.

The director, Chloe Lenihan, and the writer/producer, Chandra C. Silver, were a ton of fun in the room, too. We kidded. We joked. The next day, they invited me to join the team.

During my three shooting days, the good times continued. The camera department, lead by Mike O’Shea, was fast, smart and precise. The rest of the cast, including Ryan Michael Jones, John Austin Wiggins, Daniel Deutsch and Melissa Johnson were funny and great to hang out with.

News from the editing room is very good indeed.

The Team, from left to right:  Elizabeth Masucci, Chandra C. Silver, Chloe Lenihan and Celia Schaefer.
The Team, from left to right: Elizabeth Masucci, Chandra C. Silver, Chloe Lenihan

and Celia Schaefer.

Yup. Sometimes you just get lucky.


‘Heartless Bastard’ a new play by Jim Shankman

Heartless Bastard
a staged reading of a new play by Jim Shankman
directed by Craig George
Thursday, October 18, 2012
7:00 pm
The Michael Howard Studios
152 West 25th Street, 10th Floor

Logo for Heartless Bastard, by Jim Shankman

Jesse Liebman
Michael Irvin Pollard*
Celia Schaefer*
Carey Van Driest*
Barbra Wengerd*

I’m in love with this “Heartless Bastard”! …and in fact, my character, Lorna, is in love with the title character. But don’t hold that against her.

The play is about about a guy who gets a new heart that changes him in deep disturbing ways. And it’s also a rather wonderful comedy. Near death experiences, romance, comedy – what’s not to like?!

If you have a free evening – come!


More Rave Reviews for ‘Tomorrow in the Battle’

If you’re in the Hudson Valley over the next two weeks, come see “Tomorrow in the Battle” at Stageworks Hudson.

It’s a truly thoughtful, powerful evening of theatre.

“…Kieron Barry’s “Tomorrow in the Battle” is onstage in Hudson and it’s one of the most remarkable pieces of theater in recent memory. Brilliant would be the word.”

Review by Michael Eck in the Albany Times Union

…the audience at Stageworks leaned in to empathize and laugh with the characters, even as they betrayed their spouses, lovers, professions, or country …Deenihan, Schaefer, and Skraastad act with a precision and a truth that captivates even as their characters’ actions are repellent.

Review by James Yeara in the Albany Metroland