The Incoherents named Best Narrative Feature at the Studio City Film Festival

THE INCOHERENTS is a dramatic-comedy feature film in the spirit of SIDEWAYS, ALMOST FAMOUS and OLD SCHOOL. Populated by an eclectic cross section of New York City characters, “The Incoherents” comically touches upon relationships, aging, reality, and dreams wrapped in a love letter to the continuing lure and thrill of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Celia Schaefer appears as Joni, the irrepressible literary fan who is starting to get on our hero’s last nerve.


Watch NBC’s “The Blacklist” S7E5 – Norman Devane

Celia joins the cast of NBCs “The Blacklist” opposite Megan Boone.


Meteor Shower: An Id-Driven Romp

There’s nothing like escaping the cold and wet of New York in February to go to the desert and create delightful theatre with the talented folks at Fusion Theatre Company. And if the play is an outrageous comedy? Well, all the better. Check out the review and then get to know the folks at Fusion.


‘Thirsty’ now available on Amazon Prime

“As far as I’m concerned, being any gender is a drag.”

Patti Smith

‘Thirsty’ is a wonderful musical biopic about Scott Townsend, aka Thirsty, and it’s now available to the public on Amazon Prime!

I’m a clueless 1970’s middle class Mom, welcoming Scott into my Teenage daughter’s bedroom.

Check it out, around 1:00:30.


Taking the Improv to: Science

Having experience in improv makes pretty much everything in life better.

More spontaneity, more laughs, more connection.

So I’m sharing these frankly awesome tools… with scientists. So that they can better share their work with the world.

And they are rocking it.

I’m on the road with some outstanding purveyors of conversational communication education through the Alda Center for Communicating Science. Coming to a university, research facility or foundation near you.

Because… Science!


‘Thirsty’ coming soon to NYWIFT!

As Tina’s Mom in “Thirsty” (2016) directed by Margo Pelletier, produced by Lisa Thomas, opposite Jonny Beauchamp and Tina Ehrnstrom.

I loved being a part of this project.

“Bullied girly-boy Scott Townsend grows up to become drag queen sensation Thirsty Burlington, known for her spot on impersonation of Cher; but is it enough? A true-life musical adventure as dramatic as it is entertaining. Starring Scott Townsend, Deirdre Lovejoy, Cole Canzano, Jonny Beauchamp, Christopher Rivera, Michael DiGioia, Keith Leonard and Malina Weissman.”

Go. See. Love. And pain. And awakening. And drag and music.

Screening March 28 at Anthology Film Archives, a program of NY Women in Film and Television.

Get yer tickets here


Now appearing in a recurring role on Hulu’s ‘The Path’

Opposite Michelle Monaghan on Hulu’s “The Path” Episode 5 “Why We Source”

I am thoroughly delighted to share that I am appearing in Hulu’s excellent series “The Path” as Mrs. Paula Small.

Why do I love this series so much? Because it’s about cults… which is to say, it’s about cultures that ask us to suspend our reason and judgment in order to belong, to feel safe, to feel good and right, and powerful.

In a way, every culture that discourages critical thinking and individual reason is a cult. So here’s to those who shine a light, who disagree, who are willing to examine commonly held beliefs, and the perils of unthinking loyalty. ❤


‘Old Times’ at Fusion Theatre Company… the reviews are in!

Old Times @ Fusion Theatre Company, Albuquerque, NM.From Kate’s Act II entrance monologue “I’d like to go to the East, or somewhere like that…”
Old Times @ Fusion Theatre Company, Albuquerque, NM. (From Kate’s Act II entrance monologue “I’d like to go to the East, or somewhere like that…”)


Fusion’s production of ‘Old Times’ is superb”

“The gem in this production is Celia Schaefer, whose Kate is positively riveting, especially in her final, shocking… monologue.”

The Albuquerque Journal

“As hostile and cryptic as it is glamorous, FUSION’s production of Harold Pinter’s Old Times froths over with barely concealed tension.”

The Albuquerque Alibi


Old Times, directed by Gil Lazier, opposite the incomparable Jacqueline Reid and John San Nicolas.
Old Times, directed by Gil Lazier, opposite the incomparable Jacqueline Reid and John San Nicolas.

It has been a glorious opening week here in Albuquerque. Good lord, I do love working on great plays with artists who are every bit as committed as I am to delivering something true, something revealing.

This is my first time working with Gil Lazier, a Fusion regular — and I can see why. He’s a joy.

And I feel so happy and at home working with Jacqueline Reid (we were classmates at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts). She’s luminous, impetuous, powerful. And I’m show-spouses again (last time was in “Disgraced”) with the lightening-quick John San Nicolas. I’m in heaven!


‘Detours’ now Available on Amazon Prime

On set shooting “Detours” a feature film, directed by Robert McCaskill, written by Mara Lesemann opposite Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta.
Okay, total girl geek moment!

See what I mean? Truly Lovely.
See what I mean? Truly Lovely.

I am a huge fan of the truly-lovely-in-every-way Tara Westwood. And I got to make a movie with her.

And I got to be directed by my husband, Robert McCaskill (also truly-lovely-in-every-way, but I get to see him more 😜).

And I got to be oogled by the dapper Carlo Fiorletta as well as an artificially-intelligent GPS robot, voiced by Craig S. Wollman. See the movie, you’ll understand:

Detours, a comedic road movie, now on Amazon Prime


Initial 29-hour Reading of ‘America is Hard to See’ by Travis Russ

As Patti Aupperlee, in a reading of “America Is Hard to See” written and directed by Travis Russ, music by Priscilla Holbrook.

Travis Russ, and his team at Life Jacket Theatre Company, are developing a powerful piece of theatre about some of the people at the edge of the human family, and the people who are working to make sure they don’t fall off that edge.

I had the extreme privilege of playing and then meeting Pastor Patti Aupperlee, the minister who has opened her church and her heart to a group of residents at a Florida residence for sex offenders. She’s a remarkable woman, who’s led a remarkable life.

And Travis Russ is doing some beautiful work telling her story, and the story of the men and women of Pahokee Florida.