More Rave Reviews for ‘Tomorrow in the Battle’

If you’re in the Hudson Valley over the next two weeks, come see “Tomorrow in the Battle” at Stageworks Hudson. It’s a truly thoughtful, powerful evening of theatre. “…Kieron Barry’s “Tomorrow in the Battle” is onstage in Hudson and it’s one of the most remarkable pieces of theater in recent memory. Brilliant would be the … Read more

In Rehearsals for ‘Tomorrow in the Battle’

I’m happily immersed in rehearsals for the world premiere of a new play: TOMORROW IN THE BATTLE by Kieron Barry directed by Laura Margolis featuring: Timothy Deenihan, Celia Schaefer and Danielle Skraastad Running August 15 – September 2 in Hudson, New York. It’s a truly striking, lovely piece of writing and we’re having a fantastic … Read more

‘Heterosexuals’ the film now streaming

“Heterosexuals” has been released! If you missed it at the festivals, see it now! It’s funny and sweet and satisfying – like all the best romances… Available for purchase or rental at Indiepix.

‘Hearts Like Fists’

Hearts Like Fists, a reading

The very lovely Kimberly Yates of Moxie Street Picture Shows asked me to come out and play: Come see “Hearts Like Fists” by Adam Szymkowicz (lovely playwright & interesting guy – he’s got a great feature on his blog where he interviews playwrights), in a reading at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe! It’s a sweet comedy … Read more

‘Detachment’ in Theaters, March 16

Two fantastic reasons to go see this film: You love great acting, and filmmaking that digs into the difficult intersection of personal lives and public responsibilities You care about what’s happening in public education Complete list of screening theaters at:

‘Chekhovek’ – Great review in the New York Times

Apparently, I am a “very fine Celia Schaefer” and part of a cast that is “nimble, deftly portraying the numerous characters.” Quite a nice thing to read! Chekhovek, reviewed by the New York Times, February 8, 2012 

Rehearsals for Chekhovek Begin

Celia Schaefer and Eddie Allen take a break during the first table read of “Chekhovek.” This is incredibly exciting. I did a production of an early version of this play up in Hudson New York two years ago and it’s finally come to New York! It’s a collection of Chekhov short stories adapted for the … Read more