“…It’s also a good piece of theater… in which the title character (a very fine Celia Schaefer) experiences a few moments of joy before returning to her cheerless life.”

‘Chekhovek’ reviewed by Ken Jaworoski in the New York Times

“Fusion’s production of ‘Old Times’ is superb…The gem in this production is Celia Schaefer, whose Kate is positively riveting, especially in her final, shocking monologue.”

‘Old Times’ reviewed by Matthew Yde in the Albuquerque Journal

“Kieron Barry’s ‘Tomorrow in the Battle’ is onstage in Hudson and it’s one of the most remarkable pieces of theater in recent memory. Brilliant would be the word.”

‘Tomorrow in the Battle’ reviewed by Michael Eck in the Albany Times Union

“New York actress Celia Schaefer delivers each gesture, turn of the head and phrase with comic precision, and is hysterical as the sexually voracious bisexual Laura.”

‘Meteor Shower’ reviewed by Matthew Yde in the Albuquerque Journal

“…Celia Schaefer as Emily traverses the emotional rollercoaster of the part with easy grace…”

‘Disgraced’ reviewed by Matthew Yde in the Albuquerque Journal

” ‘The Other Place’ is outstanding… the acting is excellent… Schaefer is able to delineate each character with sharp focus.”

‘The Other Place’ reviewed by Barry Gaines in the Albuquerque Journal

“…’Schaefer’s articulate performance ensures sympathy…”

‘No Meat No Irony’ reveiwed by Time Out New York

“…Ato Essandoh is a revelation. … Celia Schaefer is every bit his equal as Lady Macbeth, simultaneously communicating The Lady’s aggressiveness and sexiness.”

‘Macbeth: A Walking Shadow’ reviewed by

“…Raina is played by Celia Schaefer with a spirited quirkiness, which lends Raina an air of charm and level-headedness even during her most outrageously romantic fantasies.”

‘Arms and the Man’ reviewed by the New York Times