‘Thirsty’ coming soon to NYWIFT!

As Tina’s Mom in “Thirsty” (2016) directed by Margo Pelletier, produced by Lisa Thomas, opposite Jonny Beauchamp and Tina Ehrnstrom.

I loved being a part of this project.

“Bullied girly-boy Scott Townsend grows up to become drag queen sensation Thirsty Burlington, known for her spot on impersonation of Cher; but is it enough? A true-life musical adventure as dramatic as it is entertaining. Starring Scott Townsend, Deirdre Lovejoy, Cole Canzano, Jonny Beauchamp, Christopher Rivera, Michael DiGioia, Keith Leonard and Malina Weissman.”

Go. See. Love. And pain. And awakening. And drag and music.

Screening March 28 at Anthology Film Archives, a program of NY Women in Film and Television.

Get yer tickets here


Now appearing in a recurring role on Hulu’s ‘The Path’

Opposite Michelle Monaghan on Hulu’s “The Path” Episode 5 “Why We Source”

I am thoroughly delighted to share that I am appearing in Hulu’s excellent series “The Path” as Mrs. Paula Small.

Why do I love this series so much? Because it’s about cults… which is to say, it’s about cultures that ask us to suspend our reason and judgment in order to belong, to feel safe, to feel good and right, and powerful.

In a way, every culture that discourages critical thinking and individual reason is a cult. So here’s to those who shine a light, who disagree, who are willing to examine commonly held beliefs, and the perils of unthinking loyalty. ❤