‘Detours’ now Available on Amazon Prime

On set shooting “Detours” a feature film, directed by Robert McCaskill, written by Mara Lesemann opposite Tara Westwood and Carlo Fiorletta.
Okay, total girl geek moment!

See what I mean? Truly Lovely.
See what I mean? Truly Lovely.

I am a huge fan of the truly-lovely-in-every-way Tara Westwood. And I got to make a movie with her.

And I got to be directed by my husband, Robert McCaskill (also truly-lovely-in-every-way, but I get to see him more 😜).

And I got to be oogled by the dapper Carlo Fiorletta as well as an artificially-intelligent GPS robot, voiced by Craig S. Wollman. See the movie, you’ll understand:

Detours, a comedic road movie, now on Amazon Prime