Initial 29-hour Reading of ‘America is Hard to See’ by Travis Russ

As Patti Aupperlee, in a reading of “America Is Hard to See” written and directed by Travis Russ, music by Priscilla Holbrook.

Travis Russ, and his team at Life Jacket Theatre Company, are developing a powerful piece of theatre about some of the people at the edge of the human family, and the people who are working to make sure they don’t fall off that edge.

I had the extreme privilege of playing and then meeting Pastor Patti Aupperlee, the minister who has opened her church and her heart to a group of residents at a Florida residence for sex offenders. She’s a remarkable woman, who’s led a remarkable life.

And Travis Russ is doing some beautiful work telling her story, and the story of the men and women of Pahokee Florida.